How It All Began?

Being a second generation painter, I have been serving the industry for 30 years. I take pride in accepting that for almost 24 years, I was single handedly offering extensive painting and remodeling services to a network of clients. My journey began in mid-school where I started learning from an old hard noes painter. I struggled, tripped and stood again to prove myself to become who I am today.

The Start of Our Company

After working for a long time I decided to start my own business. In my twenties, my goal to serve this industry with quality painting services was clear as crystal. So I proceeded with a plan to launch my brand named Lucky 7 Painting. I began by hiring a place where I could focus on my future goals and did so.

Over the years, I single handedly established the authenticity of my brand image. And now, I can completely feel proud of what I have to offer. During these struggling years, my son was a huge part of this journey and he is happily taking over the company to make it reach new levels of successful.

What Makes Us Unique?

Our collaborative and interactive approach to offer expert painting services makes us unique. We have a team of global experts that has been offering fine coating and finishing painting touches for a long time. Our high-quality craftsmanship and customer service makes us better.

Our Crew

At Lucky 7 Painting, we have hand-picked experts who knows how to meet your quality painting standards. We pride in having the finest crew in town. Our team works hard with integrity to value your requirements. Also, we outsource the employees for every project that makes us perform better.

Our Goals

At Lucky 7 Painting, we work with an aim to offer excellence over anything. We adhere to provide quality painting and remodeling services to prioritize your satisfaction. Our knowledge to understand the intricate structures of your projects makes us better. We work with a goal to provide quality services and craftsmanship at each step.

Our Values

Art is something that we prefer over manufacturing and painting is what we can do all day. By providing state-of-the-art painting solutions, we paint and remodel to give your place a new look.


  • Julia Mitchells
    My friend recommended me about Lucky 7 Painting two years ago. Being their partner for 2 years, I honestly admire their interior and exterior painting services. They did an outstanding job!
    Julia Mitchells
  • Olivia Hale
    The crew at Lucky 7 Painting is super understanding. They did a great job by considering my preference in colors and patterns.
    Olivia Hale
  • Paige Paden
    I have been working with Chris for a long time and I must say his painting services are truly exceptional. His collaborative approach to offer 100% satisfaction makes him extremely professional.
    Paige Paden